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Meet the team


Trisha Harinath -

Trisha Harinath is the editor of SA Home Owner magazine. Trisha has been in the media space for almost 20 years, starting her career as a junior writer at SA Home Owner. The experience that she has gained over the years from different companies now sees her leading the editorial side of SA Home Owner. Trisha is looking forward to being a part of the continuous growth of SA Home Owner, bringing its readers all the latest in the home industry space and featuring the top homes around the country.


Claire Morgan -
Business Manager

Claire Morgan is the business manager for SA Home Owner magazine, and has a long history in publishing in various positions. With an honours degree in journalism, Claire began her career as a designer, and has grown her passion for décor and design through her work within the magazine industry.


Candice Jin -
Marketing Manager

Candice Jin is SA Home Owner magazine’s marketing manager. With 18 years’ experience in media and over 10 years’ experience in her previous role as an SA Home Owner magazine account manager, she’s passionate about media playing a huge role in building brands and businesses. Candice loves beautiful spaces and designs and is excited about the opportunity she has to grow the SA Home Owner brand.


Shereen Lurie -
Online Editor

Shereen Lurie is SA Home Owner magazine's online editor. With over 10 years in the media industry, she has composed articles and compiled content on a variety of home and decor related topics. She has a passion for decor and keeps up to date with trends and styles by reading industry publications, websites and various social media platforms. She is dedicated to bringing the latest ideas and inspirations to SA Home Owner readers.


Tshepo Monyamane -
Digital Administrator

Tshepo Monyamane is the digital administrator for the SA Home Owner Shop. With over five years of valuable industry experience in mining journalism, account management, media relations and digital marketing, among others, he continues to break down barriers and make strides across the media and communications landscapes through his skillset and areas of expertise. He is a change agent, passionate about digital transformation (and related technologies), and seeks to drive SA Home Owner’s e-commerce platform and brand to greater heights.